We're looking forward to your visit!

The Rock' n' Roll Herberge in the middle of Kreuzberg, Muskauer Straße 11, near to the Lausitzer Platz is a meeting-point and accomodation with an assured sense of style.

The Herberge has two levels: in the souterrain you find the bar-arrea for our hotel-guests and everybody else where you can play Billard or Tablefootball and can amuse yourself or relax. Everything's got the real "Kreuzberg-flair":
"Rock`n`Roll-Conform" together with "Street-Art" from the neighborhood.

The seven rooms in first and second floor are furnished exceptionally charming, because the interiour decoration is in each case designed by an artist from Kreuzberg.
In your room, you can totally relax:
both the "rocked musician" as well as the "snoopy tourist" on their search for the legendary SO36-Myth.


The Concept is easy: we created a place for musicians and music-lovers to feel like home. Especially for bands on tour, our house is a very good alternative to the cramped nightliner or the clinical hotel.
We offer w-lan in all our rooms. Our bar has got an outside-area, where you can take your drinks or breakfeast during the warmer times in the sun.
We give you a huge assortement of drinks in our bar till the morning  hours or open end.


In this spirit we're looking forward to welcome you and your friends here soon.

Yours Rock n' Roll Herberge Team


Attention: Nazis, Faschists, Rassists, Homophobs, Sexists and any other intolerant twats have to STAY OUT!!